The key to maintaining balance and achieving great health is to understand our individual true self and live in harmony with the cycles of nature. 

Supported, nurtured, rejuvenated, EMPOWERED

I believe each person deserves to feel this and more.


Hi, I’m Laura. Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

 I'm Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula who believes that when we have the right support we can thrive. My goal is to facilitate a space where you are supported, nurtured and rejuvenated on all levels. My passion is in supporting mothers and families during the postpartum time, much in the same way I was supported during my own postpartum time. Having the space to fall in love, bond and learn how to breastfeed is invaluable and not only beneficial for mothers but the whole family. 

As well as supporting mothers, I also offer  healing and nurturing Ayurvedic treatments and consultations to help you achieve or maintain that connection to your true essence which is fundamental in achieving or maintaining great health.

Bringing you closer to the flow of nature!