Thanks for taking the time to get to know me...

I'm a qualified and dedicated Ayurvedic Practitioner and Postpartum Doula who believes that the key to good health is to understand our individual true self and live in harmony with the cycles of nature.  I have worked alongside Dr CRS Kumar (BAMS , MPH, MHP) from Jeeva Health for 2 years and in that time I gained invaluable experience that has pushed me further as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  

I was drawn to Ancient Healing Systems such as Ayurveda when I became very unbalanced and unwell. Through Ayurveda I learnt the importance of understanding your individual self and what balance actually means on all levels plus how nature plays a big role in our health and well-being.  I was driven to re-balance all aspects of my life so I could regain my health and with a lot of hard work and discipline I achieved my goal. I've also experienced 2 miscarriages which is when my passion towards supporting women from preconception to postpartum began. Currently pregnant again, I am enjoying experiencing first hand how Ayurveda can provide amazing support on all levels during this time. 

I absolutely love what I do and transfer that love into every offering. I not only pursued this path for my own health, but in the hope to one day help others find that balance in their lives as I have found. I look forward to meeting you and being part of your health and wellness journey. 

Much love and blessings, 

xx Laura


Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda

Certificate - Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional

Certificate - Abhyanga Massage

Certificate - Shirodhara

Certificate - Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage

Certificate - Sekhem - Method of Natural Healing Level 1 & 2

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