• YES if you are wanting to integrate Ayurvedic advice into your life that is best suited for your individual constitution whilst also addresses any imbalances present
  • YES if you want to maintain or achieve whole body balance
  • YES if you are thinking about having a baby and want to prepare yourself on all levels
  • YES if you are currently pregnant and want to support yourself and your growing baby throughout each stage of your pregnancy
  • YES if you are having a baby soon or have recently had a baby

Ayurvedic Consultations are designed to bring you closer to what your true Prakruti/Constitution is and can address any Vikruti/imbalance if there is one present. Using many Ayurvedic diagnostic tools such as tongue analysis, your current state will be determined and diet, lifestyle, herbs, daily routine and treatments may be advised to help you maintain or achieve balance in mind, body and soul. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and current state, which will help you to feel empowered to play an active part in your own health and well-being, allowing you to achieve any health goals you set more easily. 

Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Postpartum

With a special interest in Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum more specialized advice is offered, to help you have an understanding of what diet, lifestyle, herbs, daily routine and treatments you can integrate into your life at this time to help in so many ways from preparing your body for conception, to eating the right foods to aid in maintaining balance to you whilst also nourishing your baby at each stage of his/her growth to helping you recover faster after delivery. Ayurveda brings with it much ancient knowledge to help at each stage and with some of its beautiful traditions you will feel more empowered, balanced and in tune with your's and your babies needs. 


An Initial Consultation takes up to 90 minutes and includes a thorough health check, pulse diagnosis, tongue analysis and more. 

After you have had an Initial Consultation we will set up a time to do a Follow-up Consultation which takes up to 45 minutes. This is done to see how you are going with any recommendations given and also gives us a chance to make any amendments needed. 

If you can't come to Ranges Integrative Health in Selby, please still get in touch as you are welcome to book in for a Skype Consultation.


  • 90 Minute Initial Consultation: $90
  • 45 Minute Follow-up Consultation: $65

WINTER SPECIAL - 20% off Initial Consultations until the end of August 2017!

Health Rebates may be available. 

 I also work very closely with other Health Practitioners to compliment what I offer, giving you extra support and diagnostic tools if you want it. This can be discussed further during a consultation.